Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Where am I starting

Starting out

Weight: 158.6

I plan on doing waist measurements as well, but at the moment I am still bloated and swollen from surgery and the measurement would be bigger now, then it would seem I lost a bunch of inches from doing nothing at all, so I am going to wait on that one. I am already watching what I eat, and how much of it I eat. Less sugar and cream in the mornings, less snacking, less starches and more veggies at dinner. All great choices. We already do not eat out very much maybe twice a month. My problem at the moment seems to be Rice and Potatoes, Sweet Tea with dinner, and lack of exercise. The lack of movement is out of my hands at the moment. Soon though soon I will be able to get up, get out and move!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Restart...... 6 years later........

Where have I been.. What have I been doing?

6 years ago I decided to just loose some weight. Then I got pregnant with my almost 5 year old, then I lost the weight by just breastfeeding. I gained some back and then got pregnant with an Angel who was born still in December of 2012, we decided we still wanted to add to our family so I didn't bother with weight loss, unfortunately that pregnancy also ended badly with the preterm birth of twin girls, they were too early too small to survive. You can read my story with them at Joshuhensongreer.blogstop.com
I had a Tubal Ligation on monday 09-23-13, there will be no more babies, its time to get healthier, its time to get this baby weight, I have been carrying around for 15 years, off. 

I am still recovering from surgery so Im in the planning stages of what I want to do. Im leaning to TheWhole30days and TheWhole9Life. But I am not 100% sold on it yet. I have a dr appointment next monday and I am going to talk to him about exercising. I want to run and I want to know I am healed enough to start doing that. We are also going to as a family join the YMCA. I think that will be a great help for all of us to be healthier.

So here we go!